Dell Takes a Midol

Dell announced a while ago that they are going to be allowing customers buying certain models of their machines to not have all of the pre-installed crap pre-installed. They will still be installing a few items (antivirus, Acrobat Reader, and Google Toolbar), though, which is unfortunate, but a step in the right direction. Of the three things they are leaving in there, the one from my favorite company is the one that really doesn’t have much merit being left installed. I hate Norton Antivirus, and am not a big fan of Adobe’s reader, but at least they make a bit more sense. Most users are too stupid for Dell to leave an antivirus client off there. As for the PDF reader, I suppose that if Dell is going to be providing documentation in PDF format that I can forgive them for pre-installing the software needed to view it. Even though I don’t like it.
What I find to be the most interesting thing about this is that, as someone points out, Apple doesn’t put all of this crap on their machines. Given that other makers do, and receive money to do so, you would think that this could play a part in Dell systems coming out so much cheaper than Apple’s. However, I couldn’t seem to find any price difference from having the crap pre-installed or not. Does anyone else have experience otherwise? I’m interested to see how a decent subsidy being taken away could affect the pricing.

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