Intarweb Making Us Stoopider?

Andrew Keen just put out a book trying to persuade people that this Web 2.0 thing is dumbing us down. His arguments include thing like, due to the inability for many amateur content producers to do proper research the content they create won’t be as good as Big Media. Also, the funds that drive much of traditional media are required for really good work to be achieved. Then there’s the thing with people watching clips of people getting kicked in the balls, or monkeys throwing their poo over and over again. I don’t know if I agree with everything, but he does make some valid points. Personally, though, I’d have to say that the internet does just the opposite for me. I often times see something mentioned in the main media, and then use the internet for further research. True, you can’t trust everything you read online, but there’s a lot of it that does come from reliable sources. Reliable in that in the past they have been correct. I also think that the things offered from the Web 2.0 concept allows Big Media to become even better. If you consider something like PC Mag or the ilk to be part of Big Media (they are a print company, after all), then they have benefited greatly from blogs and the like. Instead of having to wait until the next issue goes out, they can break stories as the happen.
I think that the reason the internet might be making you dumber is if you take everything you read as fact, and don’t acknowledge that blogs are a good supplement for professional things, and not necessarily a replacement. Relying solely on sites like mine is probably not a good idea. There are high caliber ones out there, though, such as TechCrunch or Ars Technica. These are basically professional journalists using an online format instead of a traditional one.
I’d also argue that the internet is a little bit late on making people stupid. People have been getting more and more dumb before the internet became popular.

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