Helpful How-to of the Day

No one likes to work. Let’s face it, if faced with an opportunity to rake in money without having to actually put forth a lot of effort, most people would take it. So today I present to you the how-to guide for stealing an old person’s estate away from rightful heirs. I know what you’re thinking, “That sounds like it could be evil.” You’re right! And that’s the best part. You get to be evil and get rich. What’s not to love? I personally love the closer.

Enjoy Being Evil – Think about all the fun you will have and all the wonderful things you will do with the target’s money and how much you enjoy hurting the stupid, unsuspecting heirs.

You are so much better, smarter and deserving than they are.
You deserve the money.

The human mind has no firewall. Elderly people are weak and vulnerable.

See, you are supposed to enjoy your evilness! Relish in the fact that you’re more deserving than those other people. After all, if they really wanted that old guy’s money they would have taken it themselves.

Oh, and from what I can tell, this is meant to be a real site. As in, it’s not readily apparent that this is some kind of joke. Granted, I didn’t exactly look into it, so it might be. Sad, sad, sad.

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